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My Honeymoon with God

Dec24-25, 2007

"Fly, fly high against the sky"

Many of us Homo sapiens fall into two categories: a mountain or a beach person. After spending twelve years enjoying the California coast, I consider myself to be the latter. When I made the decision to go to Pulau (Island) Langkawi, I had no idea what the name Langkawi meant. I wanted to go there because my Malaysian student told me that there was a place to surf, which actually turned out to be otherwise. Either I wasn’t fortunate enough to discover the secret surf spot or that he misunderstood surfing for windsurfing. Nevertheless, I went. I also went alone since none of my friends could accompany me on the last leg of my journey in Malaysia. (Previously I'd stopped by Kuala Lumpur, Malacca, and Penang. Mostly to visit the disciples and was greatly encouraged by their warm welcome and kind hospitality.) Since I had to go to Pulau Langkawi alone, at one point I decided to call it My Honeymoon with God. The last time I went on a trip alone was to Ankor Wat, Cambodia and that experience changed my life. I wondered how this one would turn out.

Along the way, fears surfaced. But fears were calmed by the thought that I was going with my heavenly husband, and I personally needed the time away to focus on our relationship after being so busy and consumed with my own life for the past couple months. Of course I wanted to relax and enjoy my holiday on the beach, but more than that, I wanted to fall in love with God again. Somewhere along the way, I felt choked by life itself. I knew the relationship was there, but it didn’t feel fulfilling. I remember a preacher once said that he knew the secret of the universe. He proclaimed that it was romance. And I think that my God is the most romantic God in this whole wide world, and he romances us in different ways. He knows what makes each of us smile. He knows that beaches and the ocean make me smile, really big smiles☺ ☺ ☺

I took a 2 hour boat ride from Penang and arrived in Langkawi around noon on Christmas Eve.

As I walked out of the Langkawi Jetty, I met his dark Malaysian guy named Razak. I casually brushed him off as I presumed that he was just another hawker. Well, he was. But I soon realized that I couldn’t get around much on this island without a car, and I couldn’t rent a car since I didn’t have an international driver’s license. (You’re probably thinking why didn’t I plan better. I guess I could, but there’re also benefits of being unprepared like you don’t know what to expect for example. It’s more of an adventure that way.) Feeling a bit apprehensive and lost, I decided to listen to what Razak had to say. He asked me a few questions to see where I stood budget wise.
Then he began to recommend a few tour packages that were actually of interest to me. I honestly could careless about shopping, the underwater world, the Asian village, or the cable car. I knew what I wanted—the beach, the sand, the water. The first tour package Razak suggested was scuba diving at Pulau Payar. He had my attention right there. He also suggested that I should get a reasonable priced hotel near town, drop my bag and go island hopping for the afternoon. Tomorrow would be all day at Pulau Payar, diving.

When I came back from island hopping, I was checking out the ticket booth counters for tomorrow's ferries back to the mainland. Out of nowhere, I heard my name. How did Razak find me, I don’t know, but he did. That night he offered to be my personal tour guide at no charge. I knew he made commission from my tour packages, but he didn’t have to take me around the whole island. That was beyond the call of duty. I know I shouldn’t trust strangers especially traveling alone and being a girl and all.

Anyhow, I had a personal tour of the island that late afternoon and early evening. He took me around to some of the most picturesque spots on the island that ended with a peaceful, local dinner. Razak had been in the business for 21 years and believe me, he got lots to say about Pulau Langkawi. As he took me around the island, I asked him of the meaning of Langkawi. He said it means eagle.

I honesty thought that Razak was an angel sent by God to make my honeymoon with God so wonderful. I had lots of time in nature--on the beach, mountains, or even in the water--to pray and draw near to God. I definitely recommend a honeymoon with God to anyone. You’ll walk away closer and being more in awe of God.

"I can fly higher than an eagle
’cos you are the wind beneath my wings."
~Beth Midler

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How cool!! I love your adventures!


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